Why you should keep your Verizon Unlimited Data Plan


So back in the day when smartphones weren’t as common and the data usage was pretty minimal for text messaging and picture messaging. Even getting online wasn’t that big of a deal because for one, most people weren’t getting online with their phone because websites didn’t play well with mobile devices. With the birth of apps and the growing number of mobile websites the demand for data has grown far beyond anticipation. There’s no sign of it slowing down, at least not anytime soon.

So what companies like Verizon has done is come up with some attractive data plans however they are limited. They’ll sell you on the fact that you don’t use as much data as you think you do (yet!), and that you can share your data across multiple devices, and so on. The reality is that in the near future mobile will continue to grow and be bigger than ever. So the demand for data will grow exponentially. So that amount of data that you currently use, let’s say for the sake of argument it’s 1GB per month… will soon be 3GB, then 6GB, then 10GB! Think of how much you’ll have to pay for a plan like this when apps and mobile website require more data. Just think when computers were fine running off of 512mb of RAM… now if you have anything less than 3GB you might as well just pull out a pen and paper.

I like convenience and I don’t want to worry about if I’m going to go over my plan or not. So I’m going to stick with unlimited data and I suggest that you should as well. Yeah, you can save a little money by upgrading and extending your contract to get a new phone for a little cheaper… but the amortized cost of what your really saving only comes out to like $18/month.