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Don’t Pay For A Gym Membership at Equinox Until You Read This…

If you’re looking to hitting the gym and signing up for a membership at Equinox, start with a EQUINOX VIP Trial Membership. When you’re ready to join and want to save some money on the Equinox membership fees, I have a couple of suggestions that you can use to help lower the price of a membership. Equinox has many locations from New York to Los Angeles, and many places in between.
Equinox VIP Trial Membership

1.Sign-Up With A Friend

First things first, if you and a friend both want to work out together then definitely sign up together at Equinox to get a discount. Sometimes the staff at Equinox may say it has to be a family or something, but the main thing they look for I believe is that you live at the same address. I have yet to receive anything in the mail outside of the membership card itself, so just pick which address you’ll use and you’ll save some money that way. Each member when signing up will receive 2 VIP trial memberships per year that they can give out to friends.

2. Pay In-Full

Also, if you’re able to pay upfront they’ll also work with you in lowering your overall cost so you can get a good deal. If you can afford to (and I’m assuming you can if you’re going to this gym) then consider paying 6 months or a year in advance.

3. Use Your AMEX Benefits

Do you have an American Express card? They have different benefits for AMEX cardholders. Whether it’s the Gold, Platinum, or Centurion Card… you’ll get some extras included. Like some free personal training sessions, discounts at the spa and shop. Since you’ll be getting these goodies you’ll most likely have to pay the standard price for your new one-year membership.

4. Look For Promotions

I talked to my trainer about when people usually sign up. Thinking it would be an obvious January, but in fact it’s February. Most people make their new year plans of accomplishments the first month and start to follow through the next month. So in late January and early February be sure to keep a look out at some promotional offers they have. They could be offering some like no initiation fee, or student discounts. It wouldn’t hurt to get on their mailing list to be kept updated of what offers they have on their membership prices.

5. Corporate Discounts

Depending on where you work, you may also be entitled to a corporate discount. So name drop where you work and have them look it up. You never know, you may save 20% or more depending on what the company has negotiated with the fitness club.

6. Free 7 Day Trial

Hey, why not! One week free is better than nothing right? I did the free trial thing, and it help reinforce that the location and facility was a good fit for me. It’s expensive, so it’s worth being sure of when you sign the contract. Nothing is worse than paying a monthly fee to a gym you never will go to. They have several types of trials available, but typical you’ll need a referral from someone. The ideal trial you want is the VIP one, but they also have a 3 day pass as well as a 7 day trial membership.

Let me know if you need a free trial. I’ve been an Equinox member for 2 years and I love it. The facility has provided me a great place to do strength training, swim, cardio, and cycling. All of the classes that are offered make the price worth it if you choose to take advantage of them. I’m happy to answer any questions, or provide you with an invite to get started with a Free Trial Membership.  Just submit your name and email address below or send me an email with your name and email address to me at rayholt (at) live [dot] com.

Other Tips

So stop by the gym during your normal routine and not just on some idle weekend. Get an idea of what traffic and everything will be like to help you decide between locations that are within your proximity. One location that is closest to home may not be the best option if there is one closest to work. Like if you live in New York or Los Angeles… when you get off work you can get to the gym, work out while traffic dies down, and then head home and save time plus having your workout already out of the way. Also, I’m not sure if all locations have a swimming pool… so if that is something that is important to you then be sure that the Equinox location you choose has one.

I hope all of this helps. If I think of anything else I’ll be sure to add to it.

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