I’m Calling Shenanigans on Michelle Thomas’ Tinder Date

I was sent an article written by Blogger Michelle Thomas about a Tinder date she had, and I’m calling shenanigans on it for a few reasons (as many others have as well). I didn’t even have to start reading the post before my mind told me it was fake. The drama-filled pictures that headlined the article sent my BS alarm off instantly as someone who was just looking for some quick viral attention.
If someone were to analyze writing styles it would seem apparent that both responses were written by the same person, most likely someone with a writing background… such as a blogger(as she is)… in attempt to gain attention and the sole purpose of it going viral. It’s called stylometry, and it’s based on the analysis of things like word choice, sentence structure, syntax and punctuation. Probably similar to methods used by song identifiers like Shazam to identify songs.
Things like this happens when a legit similar story goes viral (the one where the guy commented on a girl’s weight to receive back a picture of her eating Chipotle), then bloggers make fabricated versions of it… like this drama filled one.
On her blog she talks about the quick attention that it had brought her from the 400 word reply from the guy and the 800 word reply of hers… yes, she knew the approximate number of words in the response. Who does that? Unless the article was made-ready to be submitted to some publishing site that required a 1200 words.
So soon after it went viral the aspiring writer comes out with a book. Surprise!
Of course I’m not the only one to argue that it’s contrived… and she admits to having no proof other than having shown her friends and some others. People who have challenged her have been met with a quick deflection of “If You Think I’m Making It Up, You’re Focusing on the Wrong Issue.” Great tactics… just use the red herring fallacy like Ariana Grande did.
Anyways, the whole thing just seems fabricated and just made me very skeptical. The guy on the other end could be in on it too. However, it’s on the internet, so it must be real… but I digress.
P.S. I hate the fact that I’m bringing more attention to the subject, but I don’t like when someone purposely victimizes themselves.

Why you should keep your Verizon Unlimited Data Plan


So back in the day when smartphones weren’t as common and the data usage was pretty minimal for text messaging and picture messaging. Even getting online wasn’t that big of a deal because for one, most people weren’t getting online with their phone because websites didn’t play well with mobile devices. With the birth of apps and the growing number of mobile websites the demand for data has grown far beyond anticipation. There’s no sign of it slowing down, at least not anytime soon.

So what companies like Verizon has done is come up with some attractive data plans however they are limited. They’ll sell you on the fact that you don’t use as much data as you think you do (yet!), and that you can share your data across multiple devices, and so on. The reality is that in the near future mobile will continue to grow and be bigger than ever. So the demand for data will grow exponentially. So that amount of data that you currently use, let’s say for the sake of argument it’s 1GB per month… will soon be 3GB, then 6GB, then 10GB! Think of how much you’ll have to pay for a plan like this when apps and mobile website require more data. Just think when computers were fine running off of 512mb of RAM… now if you have anything less than 3GB you might as well just pull out a pen and paper.

I like convenience and I don’t want to worry about if I’m going to go over my plan or not. So I’m going to stick with unlimited data and I suggest that you should as well. Yeah, you can save a little money by upgrading and extending your contract to get a new phone for a little cheaper… but the amortized cost of what your really saving only comes out to like $18/month.

Why You Shouldn’t Take Over Payments for a Car Lease

So you want to buy a used car and you see an ad online from someone selling a vehicle looking for someone to take over payments and possibly even having the audacity to ask for a down payment?

Here is why you should either 1. Avoid doing this all together or 2. Negotiate with the person with the information I give you.

To keep things kinda simple, we’ll discuss in terms of a basic 3 year lease of a vehicle. We all know that any vehicle depreciates the most in the first year… pretty much in the first day you drive it off the lot, right? So the first year of the lease the car could depreciate at a rate of $700/mo., since this is where most value is lost. Now in year two, when depreciation slows down a little bit, you could only be paying $500/mo. Finally in the 3rd year it may only depreciate at a rate of $300/mo.  When you average that out over 3 years you will then be paying $500/mo. for your lease, so that will be your payment in the agreement.  The cost is under represented in year 1 and over represented in year 3.

So when a person is wanting you to take over their payment, they should really be giving you a down payment if you’re going to be paying part of their deprecation for year 1.  It’s really not fair for them to drive a brand new car and for one year and then try to have someone else pay into that year 1 deprecation. I would advise doing some research on KBB first if you are looking to take over payments to purchase the vehicle so you don’t end up paying more than what the vehicle is worth.

However, if your a taking over payments for a vehicle that is being purchased then this may be to your advantage since the opposite takes place. The entire car is being depreciated over a short period of time, 3-5 years. They most likely put a down payment, so that helps offset that initial depreciation when taken off the lot.  We all know that the car holds value after it has been completely paid off. In this case it could be advantageous to put a down payment if asked by the seller if the payments were high and there is only a year or two left to pay.

All in all, do your research and add up how much you’ll end up paying after all the payments. Compare that against the actual value of a car to see if you’re really getting a good deal or not.  Leave your comments below and follow me on Twitter @rayholt.

When You Spend Well Over $100/Month at Chevron You Should Get Free Air

Oh well for going on a bike ride today. I went to Chevron (strictly the only gas I use) to put air in my tire. Since I wasn’t buying gas that day they wanted me to pay $.75. My bike obviously won’t fit in my car & I’m not going to go home to get my car to put gas in a full tank just to turn around & ride my bike back. I won’t be going back to that location ever & I just sent Chevron Corp. a nice little message.

People Who Want Everything for Nothing

I came across this craigslist posting today. How is it that someone really believes they can demand that their website be “professional looking” when they are only willing to pay between $40-50 dollars. Really? Wait, that is not it though. On top of that they want a logo created. Most companies charge anywhere from $75 – $300 alone for logos.  But wait, that is still not it! They also want a contact form written in PHP. PHP is a server-based scripting language that is an advance past basic html knowledge.

Here is where my frustration lies. This may in fact be easy for web developers who went to school or spent years learning the material. This doesn’t mean because it is now easy for the developer means the value of the service is then diminished. That’s like saying because it’s so easy for Kobe Bryant to make shots that he shouldn’t get paid that much, just cause it’s easy.

Subject: Web Page Needed

I need 1 or 2 pages for a informational only website. I need something professional created in photoshop that will advertise a file backup product. I will need to be able to update the information about the product with going into ps to update the image. I will also need a logo created. This should also allow the person to email to an emaill address or enter a contact me box. This should be written in php as a scripting language. Please include samples of work. This must be professional looking.

  • Location: Ventura
  • Compensation: This project is very small and easy, I am willing to pay $40 or $50 max.

My Response: Re: Web Page Needed

I just saw your posting on craigslist.

I want to confirm your project requirements are:
A 1-2 page website consisting of informational material.
You need it created in photoshop, so you can later on update the file yourself to avoid paying the developer to update it for you.
You also need a professional logo created.
A contact form that is embedded on the site (using PHP)
Your budget is $40 or $50 max.
And it must be professional looking.

You must be high… how is it you expect so much for nothing? I’m assuming you plan on making lots of money off this site, yet can’t invest any decent amount of money into it?  $40 will get me from out of bed to the door step of your location, that’s it. If it is so small and easy do it yourself. I apologize if you inadvertently forgot to add a zero to both those numbers. $400-$500 would be somewhat reasonable.