I’m Back in Action!

Well I’m back in action after about a 10 day hiatus away from my laptop because the hard drive failed… and by “failed” I mean it failed to continue to work after I dropped it… and by “dropped it” I mean I dropped my fist on the keyboard because it was being so slow and I have zero patience for slow computers and slow internet.  Have I caught your attention yet? Then keep reading…

I was at my computer as normal, working away… or at least trying to… when it was becoming unresponsive. So naturally (and without performing a recent backup) I decided to to bang the keyboard with my fist because that’s what most people do when they want something to work. Unfortunately, Dell places the hard drive right beneath the touch pad, which is right where the impact took place.

Well then the whole thing just froze up completely so I attempted a hard boot. This is where I was like “Oh Sh*t, not again” as Windows failed to load. Yes, I say not again because my last laptop met its demise by a similar blunt force trauma episode. Having previously worked for a backup software company you’d think that I’d have a bulletproof backup plan in place. Nope! I used to… but somewhere along the way my files in the desktop folder were no longer being synced with a cloud storage drive. I do have one setup… but nearly 93.6% of the time I store what I’m currently working on to my desktop.

There I was hoping I didn’t just kill my drive and would be able to recover what was on the desktop, since that’s pretty much the only location on the computer I have data that isn’t backed up (that I remember at least). After removing the drive I had a buddy of mine try to mount it via USB to his computer to see if we could get some data off. We quickly realized I had just parted ways with all that data.

So the moral of the story… as much as it seems like it’s a good idea to take a baseball bat to your computer and destroy it, just do a full backup first and then swing away.


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