Are You Paying Too Much for Health Insurance in California?

There’s a large number of Californian’s that do not have health insurance for themselves or their family. Of those who do, they may find themselves paying a hefty monthly premium for coverage for themselves or their family.

Health Insurance Plans that cover you and your family are known as the Individual & Family Plans (IFP) market. Carriers like Kaiser Permanente, Anthem, Blue Shield, and Aetna offer affordable plans for those who are covered by their employer or may be currently out of work and not on COBRA. Everyone’s situation is different, and depending on the coverage you want you’ll want to find a health plan that best fits your needs.

There are a couple of key points to look for when deciding on a health plan.

1. Are you on any prescription medications? If not, you may save money by choosing a health plan that does not cover brand name prescription medications, but will cover generics.  Just take a look at the plan descriptions that lists its benefits to be sure.  This is always a good place to start when looking to switch to a new plan.

2. Are you expecting to start a family? If you have no plans on having a baby anytime soon, then look at plans that do not cover maternity.  There are cost savings in non-maternity plans that you should be taking advantage if it’s right for you. Remember, you can always change plans at anytime. So when you’re ready to have some kiddos of your own take a look at the plans that include maternity.

3. Take a look at the deductible. Unlike a deductible for car insurance, this one applies towards your yearly medical expenses. So to see some real savings month after month get a high-deductible health plan if you don’t frequent the doctor or do not have any known medical conditions. This is usually best for active healthy individuals who only go to the doctor for routine checkups and if they think they broke something. A lot of people like not having to pay a deductible at all or somewhat of a low one. If you go to the doctor often, then this may be good for you since your insurance will kick in sooner. For those who don’t, you’ll get to pocket the money each month that your saving on your premium.

4. Don’t hesitate to talk to an insurance agent. Health insurance can get confusing and there are a lot of plans out there to choose from multiple carriers. It’s usually best to talk to a licensed health insurance agent to get their expert advice on what plan fits your needs. You can always shop online yourself using a website like that provides free health insurance quotes in individuals & families in California.

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