What’s Up with the Toyota Supra?

Nissan has brought us the new Skyline, we’ve seen reworks of the Mustang and Camaro, but no new Toyota Supra?

While driving home on the 101 freeway through Thousand Oaks I saw in the distance an unfamiliar car on the road. My first thought was “wow, that’s exactly what the new Toyota Supra should look like”.

Lexus LFA 101 Freeway Thousand Oaks California

As I got closer, I quickly noticed it was the Lexus LFA.  So I’m curious why Lexus, a division of Toyota, decided to enter the sports car market with a completely new vehicle with such a high price tag ($350,000) when they have the legacy of the Supra to uphold. Just the mention of the release of the Supra would generate enough interest to sale the vehicle with little marketing costs.

Lexus LFA


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