Google Wonder Wheel

Have You Tried Google’s Wonder Wheel?

I think Google’s Wonder Wheel is perfect for finding niche keywords. I find it to be one of the easiest ways to drill down into a niche and find a micro niche when I’m trying to target in on some new markets. It’s a simple and quick way to brainstorm and just get the ball rolling on some possible potential micro niches and keywords. Here is an example of drilling down on some terms related to backup software.

First I search the term “Backup Software” using Google’s wonder wheel. Software is a huge market and backup software can be considered a market all in itself. This is way too broad of a search term and wouldn’t be considered a niche. But with Google’s Wonder Wheel I can instantly see other related searches that are relevant to my term “Backup Software”. This makes finding a niche, or micro niche a lot easier for me.

Google Wonder Wheel - Backup Software

The term “Backup Software” brings up 8 different related terms. Some may be considered a niche, while others may not. I think it may be safe to say: if Google is suggesting these, they may be considered relevant terms with some good organic search traffic.

As you can see to the right, it will start showing search results, such as NovaStor’s NovaBACKUP in the paid results, or  Wikipedia’s list of backup software. Since this is too broad of a search term I continue on.  I then select on “Server Backup Software” to drill down a little deeper into the niche to give me some more ideas on relevant search terms that are related to the backup software market.

Google Wonder Wheel Server Backup Software

Here I am presented again with some more search terms that are related to my initial phrase “Backup Software” and the sub-topic of “Server Backup Software”. So again, here are another 8 good ideas for possible micro niches. Always take a moment to look at the right hand side search results to see if there are a lot of competitors. Some you will find there are ads, while other times you may find there are not people that are displaying ads for these key phrases. Make note and jump over to Google’s Keyword Tool to determine the amount of traffic any of those terms are getting.

Google Wonder Wheel Server Backup Software Review

Keep drilling down until you find something you want to pursue. What’ really fun about Google’s Wonder Wheel is that it follows your “train of thought”. You can be 30 links deep into the Wonder Wheel and can always trace back to how you got there. Only if there was a way to do that with day to day thoughts.


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