World Intellectual Property Day

Today is World Intellectual Property Day! This year’s theme is “Designing the Future”. We’ve come a long way.

Back in 1903 The Wright brothers invented the first gas motored and manned airplane. Mary Anderson invents windshield wipers. Now we have iPad’s and SmartPhones where we can conduct face to face conversations. We never need to go to MapQuest before leaving the house, since we can simply start driving and then enter our destination into our GPS. I wish my GPS had an “avoid ghetto’s” option like there is an “avoid highway” option. This one time I put in Domino’s Pizza and was taken to a location that was like a prison’s visiting room. I had to talk to the employee through a phone next to the glass separation and my pizza was slid under the glass, no joke. Who needs to even drive anymore with Google’s Prius that can drive itself around through the crazy streets of San Francisco?


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