Cost Saving Technology

Times are a little tough on today’s small businesses. Instead of thinking technology is eating away at your bottom line – find ways that technology can greatly help reduce costs. Whether it is outsourcing or implementing a new system, here are a few ideas to help prevent costs.

1. Google Apps

Ask yourself a few questions: Who is currently hosting your email? What is the cost of this? What is the cost of backing it up? What is the cost of software licenses for word, excel, powerpoint? If you have placed a value on any of these questions you may want to consider giving Google Apps a try.  It’s free!  If you know how to set it up yourself you are good to go. If you need help it can cost anywhere from $40 – $120 from a technology consultant like myself to help migrate data. I can not begin to elaborate on the benefits, but in a matter of hours you can have a better system than some large companies using costly Microsoft solutions.

2. Outsourcing

Most companies do not need a full time web person to maintain the company website. Especially today with the increasing popularity of easy to use content management systems. Simply hire a web developer to build the website, then take it upon yourself to keep it updated and fresh with new content. If you can write an email then you can keep a site up to date with a CMS.

3. Automation

Every moment counts, and the repetitive manual tasks that can be automated – should! I couple minutes here and a couple minutes there add up real quick.  Finding a way to make things more efficient by automating the task will help to improve the bottom line and the end of the year. More than likely it will also reduce the amount of human error, redundancy, and so much more.

Focus on improving current technology and little by little they will have its cost advantages add up at the end of the year.


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