People Who Want Everything for Nothing

I came across this craigslist posting today. How is it that someone really believes they can demand that their website be “professional looking” when they are only willing to pay between $40-50 dollars. Really? Wait, that is not it though. On top of that they want a logo created. Most companies charge anywhere from $75 – $300 alone for logos.  But wait, that is still not it! They also want a contact form written in PHP. PHP is a server-based scripting language that is an advance past basic html knowledge.

Here is where my frustration lies. This may in fact be easy for web developers who went to school or spent years learning the material. This doesn’t mean because it is now easy for the developer means the value of the service is then diminished. That’s like saying because it’s so easy for Kobe Bryant to make shots that he shouldn’t get paid that much, just cause it’s easy.

Subject: Web Page Needed

I need 1 or 2 pages for a informational only website. I need something professional created in photoshop that will advertise a file backup product. I will need to be able to update the information about the product with going into ps to update the image. I will also need a logo created. This should also allow the person to email to an emaill address or enter a contact me box. This should be written in php as a scripting language. Please include samples of work. This must be professional looking.

  • Location: Ventura
  • Compensation: This project is very small and easy, I am willing to pay $40 or $50 max.

My Response: Re: Web Page Needed

I just saw your posting on craigslist.

I want to confirm your project requirements are:
A 1-2 page website consisting of informational material.
You need it created in photoshop, so you can later on update the file yourself to avoid paying the developer to update it for you.
You also need a professional logo created.
A contact form that is embedded on the site (using PHP)
Your budget is $40 or $50 max.
And it must be professional looking.

You must be high… how is it you expect so much for nothing? I’m assuming you plan on making lots of money off this site, yet can’t invest any decent amount of money into it?  $40 will get me from out of bed to the door step of your location, that’s it. If it is so small and easy do it yourself. I apologize if you inadvertently forgot to add a zero to both those numbers. $400-$500 would be somewhat reasonable.


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