Speed Up Lenovo s10-2 Wireless

After being extremely frustrated with the wireless speed of my NetBook, I decided to look into seeing if I could somehow fix the problem.  I ran several tests and narrowed it down to being possibly a problem with the settings for the wireless adapter.  I have yet to increase the ram from the stock 1Gb and my tweaks have dramatically improved the performance to be acceptable for use.

I monitored my CPU, Ram, and Network usage while on the internet.  I noticed while trying to watch a single video it would seemingly hang up and network usage dropped to 0% for an extended amount of time.  Pretty much becoming unresponsive.

I went from not being able to stream one video without it getting hung up to now being able to stream three (maybe more) simultaneously with enough buffer to keep all three playing at the same time.

You will need to change some advanced settings for your wireless adapter. Open up your device manager.

start menu, right-click “my computer”, select “properties”, then “hardware” tab, click “device manager”.  Expand “Network Adapters” and right-click on “Broadcom 802.11g Network Adapter”. Select “properties” and then click the “advanced” tab.  These are my settings.

Afterburner: enabled
Antenna Diversity: Auto
AP Compatibility Mode: Higher Performance
Bluetooth Collaboration: Disable
BSS PLCP Header: Auto (short/long)
Fragmentation Threshold: 2346
IBSS 54g(tm) Mode: 54g – Auto
IBSS 54g(tm) Protection Mode: Auto
IBSS Allowed: Enabled
IBSS Link Indication: Default
Locally Administered MAC Address: Radio Select “Not Present”
Lock Wireless Settings: Disabled
Manage Wireless Settings: Enabled
Minimum Power Consumption: Disabled
Mixed Cell Support: Disabled
Power Output: 100%
Power Save Mode: Disabled
Radio Enable/Disable: Radio Enable/Disable
Rate: Best Rate
Roam Technology: Aggressive
Roaming Decision: Optimize Bandwith

RTS Threshold: 2347
SSID Autopromote: Disabled
VLAN Priority Support: Auto
Wake-up Mode: Magic & WakeUp Frame
WMM: Auto
WZC IBSS Channel Number: 11
WZC Manager Ethernet: Disabled
XPress ™ Technology: Enabled

Please leave a comment if these settings have in fact improved the wireless speed/connectivity.

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20 thoughts on “Speed Up Lenovo s10-2 Wireless

  1. Hello – thanks for these tips. I changed my settings and have found some increased speed in loading pages, no interruption during video. I was fit to be tied with this machine! You’re a pal.

  2. I just have my Lenovo S10-2 3 days ago. I found your entry when I was searching for feedback on its surfing speed. Your tips seem work very well. Thanks alot!

  3. Fixed my streaming video speed completely. Thought it was the codex, but this was the issue. Thank you so much!

  4. I can’t beleive it: at last my Lenovo S10 speed is increased…
    I have tried so many things that didn’t work but your tips are just perfect.
    Ray you’re the best!

  5. I don’t get all the options shown above and the ones I can change have made no difference. What version of the Broadcom driver were you using when you posted this. I’m on the latest one v5.30.18.0

  6. I’m not sure which version driver is in it. I rarely use that netbook anymore. I’m thinking about just getting a tablet. I don’t have the computer at my current location so I can’t check it :/

  7. I just upgraded the RAM on my netbook today… while I was driving on the freeway to work, no joke. I had the computer in my lap, screwdriver in hand and swapped the original 1GB with a 2GB. I purchased a 2 pack of some OCZ 2GB high performance RAM that is PC2 5400 (which is backwards compatible since the netbook is 5300). Works great so far, but I have the other 2 gig left over. If anyone needs to still upgrade their RAM let me know.

  8. thanks for the advice, i tried all the settings suggested. The one setting that did the trick for me, was setting the “Bluetooth Collaboration: Enable”

    1. hmm. actually didn’t work either.. cant get my wifi to perform even though i´ve tried all the settings mentioned.. My S10 is the older model with built in 3g and bluetooth.. trying to disable 3g and bluetooth to see if that helps.

  9. I was so frustrated with the sluggish performance of my lenovo S10e that I started searching on the internet to see if others have had the same issue. I applied the changes that you suggested and I am really happy with the improvement. Thanks so much for your posting. I also made 2 more changes, optimize the hardware for best performance instead of choosing “let the windows decide” and downloading graphics driver from lenovo’s website for s10e. Video is really improved after the driver install, it does not hang up as it used to earlier when I used to play youtube videos. Thank you once again for your help.

  10. Significant improvements! I have a 802.11n, so some of the options were different. Specifically, Power Save Mode wasn’t there, and Roam Technology was called Roam Tendency. Speedtest.net says I get about 1.5 more mbps than I did before. Still, I think this network adapter is slower than others, and the upload speed doesn’t look greatly improved, though I need to do more testing to be sure. Are there any other things I can try?

  11. Dear Ray,

    Bless you for all your excellent contributions, in educating and making us wise.

    I am an old Lenovo S10-2 user and today, after going through your wonderful article & follow me procedure, also opted to comply & proceed according. But, when I accessed the Advance Properties, I didn’t find all what you have recommended and instead discovered the following at my end:

    Advance Value
    Fragmentation Threshold: 2346
    IBSS 54g(tm) Mode: 802.11b Only
    IBSS 54g(tm) Protection Mode: Auto
    Locally Administered MAC Address: Not Present
    No Description: 11
    Priority & VLAN Priority & VLAN Disabled
    Rate: Best Rate
    RTS Threshold 2347

    I will be extremely grateful, if you may kindly bear with me, in advise me how to go about it?

    Thanks for all your patience & time.

  12. Thank you very much for this tip. I just adjusted my Lenovo S10e as per your instructions and it loads internet pages much quicker, a lot more quicker than it did before. Just to make it clear to other users reading this, the things that you change are in bold letters. Thanks again!.

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