Health Insurance for Students – Fresno State

College Students
College Students Save with

Being a student you have enough to worry about… finding your classes, searching for the best prices on textbooks, turning papers in on time, etc.

Health care and finding health insurance that fits your needs as a student shouldn’t be one of them. Assurant Health offer plans just for students. In fact, they are called Student Select Health Insurance. They are perfect for students who are:

* No longer covered as a dependent under your parent’s plan?
* Attending school outside an HMO or PPO region?
* Required to have coverage but choose not to participate in a college-sponsored plan?
* Finding a traditional individual medical or other current coverage to be too expensive?

To find a plan and apply online with Assurant Health click here.

If you would like to compare plans and pricing from multiple insurance carriers, including Kaiser, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, and more… visit

Anthem Blue Cross offers some great plans as well. The tonik plans are some of the most popular plans among young adults, and are made to fit their needs.   There are three plans to choose from, and applying online is simple. To visit the tonik website click here.


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