What’s the Best Health Insurance in California?

What’s the best health insurance plan?

There is no such thing as the “best” health insurance plan.  For it is only a “plan” to what fits the needs of each individual or family.  Some people look for plans that are rich in benefits. These plans include no deductible, or very low ones.  They also may include brand name prescriptions and no co-pay for office visits.  For someone that frequently visits the doctor this plan may better fit their lifestyle.  Other plans that have high-deductibles and co-pays offer savings through lower premiums.  If you are healthy, not on any prescription medication, and only visit the doctor about once a year or less, a high-deductible plan may fit you best.

Different carriers offer different types of coverage, so it is always good to shop around for health insurance.  For example, Assurant Health targets students and those who need temporary coverage while un-employed or between jobs.  Aetna offers great individual plans to those that do not need maternity included.  They all have advantages, you just have to find one that fits YOU best. For assistance in finding an affordable health plan contact an health insurance agent like myself.

To shop online and find a plan that best fits your needs visit www.shopyourowninsurance.com


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