Why Find Health Insurance Online

When it comes to health insurance there are so many options that things can get very confusing when searching for a plan.  One thing to know is that pricing for a plan by a carrier is fixed.  Whether you purchase online, through a local agent, or directly with the carrier, the quote will be the same.

Why should you purchase individual & family health insurance through a website like shopyourowninsurance.com vs. through the carrier direct?  Website’s like shopyourowninsurance.com compare plans from multiple carriers to give you side by side comparisons.  Here you can clearly see plans offered from carriers and the coverages you want all at a price you can afford.  You will get the same customer service you would from any agency.  Actually, possibly even better due to the advanced customer relationship management systems they probably use. If they are selling online, most likely they are more technologically advanced than an agent you’d find in a phone book or that wants you to come to their office to fill out a paper application.

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