Online Invoicing Made Easy

I’ve been using FreshBooks do do my invoicing with my consulting company Holt Information Systems.  Before I discovered this perfect solution for billing my clients I was using a Word template.  This is unprofessional and always a tedious task to keep track of what invoice was sent, paid, etc.

FreshBooks automates this whole process, along with many additional benefits.  With Freshbooks you can send, view and manage invoices online.  I am big on being Green and reducing our carbon footprint.  So if you want a simple solution to start paperless invoicing this is the way to go.  With this web-based software solution you can manage and keep track of time spent on projects and automatically convert them into invoices.  I can say it’s AMAZING.

Click here and try it today for free, you can send unlimited invoices but can only have three clients at any given time. Perfect for someone just starting out, because you can manage your small number of accounts and when it comes time for you to subscribe you obviously are gaining new business.  To receive a discount off the purchase of any of their packages use the coupon code zendesk or BACKTOSCHOOL, and receive $20 off your freshbooks account.

One of the most convenient features is the support ticket.  I can simply have my clients login and submit a support ticket.  There I can log the time spent and keep track of the correspondence for each isolated event.